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About us

Back to the fire. Carnevalle.
We are the celebration of high-quality food, fresh meat, juicy steaks and fish.

Celebrate with us.
We are the opportunity to taste and appreciate freshness, quality, honesty and genuineness.
We are the place where quality and origin of ingredients, inventively combined to create your food, are ensured.

In Carnevalle, we grill a lot. It is the most delicious and the most natural way of cooking.

Why? Because fire adds zest to the food. It is the energy which turns the food into an experience. Moreover, grilled food preserves more nutrients than cooked food and is healthier than fried food. Our steaks are juicy and preserve their specific fine taste thanks to charcoal which we use when grilling in the Josper grill. Vegetables and smaller meals are cooked on the Japanese Yakitori grill.


Our philosophy is to use seasonal ingredients from local food producers. We stand for honest food preparation. That’s why we bake fresh sourdough bread and in winter we prefer available root vegetables to imported vegetables. We try to use a maximum of ingredients and minimize the waste resulting from the food preparation. If you like high-quality meat and steaks, you can buy some unique sorts in our Meat Market. Professionally educated staff is ready to advise you.

We are the perfect place for a romantic dinner for two, business lunch or family celebration. We can adjust the restaurant to smaller or bigger events or groups of guests. Our glassed terrace offers beautiful view of the Hviezdoslav Square and Carlton Hotel and admits 30 guests. In the back part of the restaurant admitting 80 guests, you can watch the preparation of your favourite steaks in the open kitchen. No matter which part of the restaurant you choose, we will offer you a unique gastronomic experience served directly from the fire.

E-mail:, tel.: 0903 123 164

Back to the fire. Carnevalle.